sillybilly (sillybilly09) wrote in polanoiders,

sx 70

this morning i acquired an original sx 70
i have changed out the plastic beneath the filter retaining ring, but have not yet put a onestep filter over the lens
then i bought a 600 cartridge and snipped off the nubs. i loaded it and it ejected the cartridge, right as rain so i figured the mechanism was in order

well, i figured it wasn't too bring outside and so a little over exposure wouldn't be too bad and set the exposure to dark and clicked the button
it made the proper sounds and i sat there, holding the button down for a while. nothing happened. i let up. nothing happened. ii removed the cartridge (just standing in the shade from my house, not really in the dark. i know i know, bad plan) and then reinserted it and it ejected the photo. the photo came out a smooth sheet of beige. So i fiddled some more, read a few more online articles, went outside and tried again. same thing happened. so back into the closet i went and did the same thing, and so it spit out the photo and this time it came out black with two white spots i do?
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